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Operations and Administration

What We Provide

Cancer Insight provides CRO services to support your research initiative. We help you design, execute, and assess your clinical research with a hands-on collaborative approach throughout the entire process. Our Operations and Administration Team provides strategic business oversight. We carefully support study sites through the start-up process, and can include site contracting and budget development as well as site financial management and payment services.

Operations and Administration Capabilities Include:

  • Site Selection, Feasibility, and On-Boarding
  • Site Contract and Budget Negotiations and Management
  • Customized Site Supply Fulfillment and Management
  • Study Financial Analysis and Consultation
  • Grant Development and Financing Solutions

Strategic Site Selection and Management

Ensuring the best possible performance right from the start is critical to on-time study execution and to ensure you are meeting your project milestones. You need proactive planning and a targeted approach to position your study for ultimate success. Drilling down to sites that will most likely enroll into a specific disease or study focus increases the speed at which the study can be completed and decreases overall cost. Cancer Insight has lasting relationships with over fifty high performing academic hospitals and prominent cancer centers throughout the United States. Based upon a longstanding history of site performance, Cancer Insight has the ability to quickly identify sites that are likely to enroll the most patients, deliver the highest quality data, and add value to your clinical study.

Once activated, Cancer Insight provides personalized site management throughout the life of the study. In additional to continuing legal and budget document management and site payment logistics, we can provide our cutting edge clinical supply management systems to promote satisfied and engaged study sites. Through the use of smart solutions for streamlining clinical research supply logistics, we customize the delivery of study supplies by site, patient and trial time-point. In other words, sites love Cancer Insight and sites love the studies we conduct.