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About Us

Cancer Insight’s Approach to COVID-19

Cancer Insight will follow all FDA and IRB guidance. The key to Cancer Insight’s approach is to ensure that specific and detailed documentation is obtained regarding any protocol disruptions, changes, or deviations. This information will be included in future final Case Study Reports and IND submissions. We fully appreciate that all such matters must be documented and appropriately attributed to COVID-19. 


Cancer Insight Memo_COVID-19_FDA Guidance

FDA Guidance on Conduct of Clinical Trials of Medical Products during COVID-19 Pandemic – Guidance for Industry, Investigators, and Institutional Review Boards (March 2020) 

WIRB Expert Panel Webinars: “Clinical Trials in the Era of COVID-19 – The Changes You Need to Make Now” 

Company Overview

Cancer Insight is a Clinical Research Organization dedicated to discovering, developing, and testing emerging biotechnologies related to cancer therapies.

We believe new advancements and new technologies will be born out of ingenuity, expertise, and focused resolve. Reshaping how we think about cancer in order to reshape what we think about cancer – transforming impossibility into hope.

Cancer Insight is continuing over a decade of cancer immunotherapy research and testing developed under the military program Cancer Vaccine Development Program. Our seasoned research team, led by Dr. George Peoples, will continue to operate with the same focus, integrity and innovation to push new technologies and advance vaccine research. We have brought together decades of academic experience with business professionals in the private sector to both develop and test safe and efficient therapies and preventative strategies.

Cancer Insight Core Values

Fostering Innovation

New solutions come with new ways of thinking. We foster a culture of innovation — valuing ingenuity and turning ideas into solutions. We welcome innovation because a competitive industry demands it, and because it’s what patients awaiting new medicines deserve. We are responsive, individualized, and effective because it’s written into our DNA.

Focused Pursuit

Cancer Insight was formed out of a commitment to the shared pursuit to eradicate cancer. When the research is tedious, we are driven to persist. When there are competing demands, we are unified toward a common goal. We are humbly dedicated to a purpose that deserves this level of focus. Cancer is an assault to many and we are fighting as a committed ally to see its defeat.

Living Integrity

As part of the medical industry and the science and academic community, we work towards results that can be seen and measured — and our integrity is no exception. At Cancer Insight, it shows up in the thoroughness and refinement necessary to achieve development and adoption of new oncology treatments. Our industry partners and the study centers we engage with continuously attest to our unwavering commitment to excellence. We are committed to a personalized approach with each sponsor and each study from design to execution

Detailed Accountability

Some of us are academics and some are more business-oriented, and we think that’s a good thing. We value our differences and have intentionally brought together a diverse set of capabilities and expertise that push us into a unique place in our industry. In a field of microscopes and nanoseconds, we know what a difference the details make and give them the highest attention in every facet of our business.